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Robert Shellie is an ARC Australian Research Fellow and Associate Professor at University of Tasmania, where he is a member of the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS). He is recognised for his work in the area of multidimensional separation science, especially comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. His research focuses on the development and application of multidimensional chromatography to solve complex separation problems. This research, supported by the Australian Research Council, has an overarching goal of simultaneously increasing separation performance and reducing analysis time. Dr Shellie received his PhD in Analytical Chemisty at RMIT University in 2004, and then worked as a research fellow in Germany at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, and as an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Tasmania.

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  • Professor Shari Forbes from University of Technology, Sydney - "Adding another dimension to cadaver dog research in Australia"
  • Dr. Renée Webster from Monash University / DSTO - "Using multidimensional gas chromatography to probe jet fuel degradation"
  • Dr Paul Stevenson from Deakin University - "Joining the dots: in silico method development for multidimensional chromatography"
  • Dr. Leila Ranjbar from University of Tasmania - "Online comprehensive ion chromatography × capillary electrophoresis"
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    Professor Andrew Shalliker

    University of Western Sydney


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