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Peter received his Masters degree from the Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands) in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1977. His Masters thesis was on “Possibilities for describing chromatographic selectivity using solubility parameters” and led to further research and the award of his PhD on “A systematic approach to mobile phase effects in reversed phase liquid chromatography” in 1981 at the same University. Peter then undertook postdoctoral work at Boston’s Northeastern University in the Institute of Chemical Analysis with another Martin Medal awardee, Professor Barry L. Karger. Peter’s next career moves were into industry, initially with Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven and then Shell in Amsterdam and Houston. During this period, he also had a part-time appointment in the polymer analysis group at the University of Amsterdam, which became a full time position in 2002. He was made Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science at the university in 2009. Peter is an enthusiastic ambassador and champion for the chromatographic sciences. In addition to having authored or co-authored over 180 peer-related papers, book chapters and books, Peter presides on a number of editorial boards including the Journal of Chromatography A, Chromatographia, the Journal of Separation Science, the Chromatography Monograph series of the Royal Society of Chemistry, LCGC magazine and LCGC International. More recently he has helped promote separation science through the new web-based community publishing site ‘Chromedia’ and has become the educational director of COAST, a national initiative that promises to boost analytical sciences in The Netherlands.

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  • Dr. Peter Schoenmakers from University of Amsterdam - "Virtual Peaks in (one- and two-dimensional) liquid chromatography of Polymers"
  • Dr. Andrew Shalliker from University of Western Sydney - "Using Separation Selectivity to Explore the Complexity of Low Molecular Weight Polymers"
  • Dr. Patrice Castignolles fromUniversity of Western Sydney - "Capillary electrophoresis in the “virtual” critical conditions of polymers: real separations of copolymers, branched polymers and polysaccharides."
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    Professor Andrew Shalliker

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